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Blue Bear Foundation Goals

Give Her Opportunity

  • Include the incoming migrant population of women with services such as English and counselling for gender specific traumatic events linked to their migration to America and assistance in navigating the current system to their benefit
  • Partner and sponsors event with the urban and alternative radio station
  • The Drop 104.7
  • Partner with the local DMV and legislators to sponsor “Free fines days” to help lower the burden of compliance with DMV fines and ticketing
  • Identify/sponsor social media influencers, podcasters, twitch game users to promote events and host blog discussions pertaining to the mission
  • Use Summer events to promote and outreach to large numbers by securing space
  • Provide sponsorship to minority business owners and share the space
  • Provide written information/QR Code about BBF upcoming events, entrepreneurship endeavors, vital services to our women veterans
  • Swag includes things that are highly visible
  • Water bottle labels and sweat towels

Give Her Resources

  • Update the website with a page of listed local resources
  • Giving Tuesday- provide a 2 min topic of discussion and small gift to any attendees
  • Partner with local businesses
  • VETFEST- May 3rd
  • Mobile health clinics
  • Provide hygiene bags- purchase bulk and self pack
  • (Take professional pictures and videos of the handouts to use for the website and other marketing material all season)
  • Peer support groups
  • Provide space local support groups to meet around womens isses
  • Virtual Galas- Provide watch parties to encourage growth thru motivational courses and conferences access provided by TED Talks, Eventbrites and Youtube

Give Her A Future

  • Increase social media and online presence by providing consistent and fresh content (Using Canva scheduling)
  • Hire content creators on Fiverr, maybe be use animation?
  • Employ the migrant women as cultural context providers to department of social/human services and other interested parties on
  • preserving the culture and language of incoming population.
  • Create an Entrepreneurship program that provides a set of business resources for sign ups
  • 1 page website and domain name
  • Access to personalized EIN creation
  • Perhaps establish relationship with smaller bank/credit union for application to business credit accounts
  • Provide a portfolio and other business like items
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